We love our Samaritans!

By Diane Holloway

samaritans1Besides dozens and dozens of devoted volunteers, Trinity Center is blessed with the service of our very own Samaritans — neighbors we have invited to help us in the kitchen. It’s an honor for them and a huge plus for us.… Read More

Bye-Bye from Bree!

BriannaAs all Americorps members must, Brianna Ehler is ending her year-long service with us. During her time here, she has helped run the Center, met with clients and generally endeared herself to everyone with her passion and sunny disposition. In her own words, she says goodbye.Read More

Street Retreat opens eyes and hearts

Diane HollowayBy Diane Holloway

Hot, tired, smelly — and deeply grateful. In a nutshell, that’s how I felt after spending a night on a sidewalk off the Drag and a day and a half walking more than 16 miles on the streets of downtown Austin. Organized by Mobile Loaves and Fishes, this “street retreat” gave co-worker Lindsey Sermons and me a tiny taste of what our neighbors go through day in and day out — often with no end in sight.… Read More