Volunteers Speak Pt. 2

Diane mugBy Diane Holloway
Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

Trinity Center depends on the devotion of an amazing group of weekly volunteers. We would not be able to open the doors without their dedicated service. Each week they carve out a morning in their busy lives to help people experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty.

In the second of what will be an ongoing series of inspirational messages from volunteers (see the first here), we asked two of our newer angels why they do what they do.

megan-oMegan Overbay (Fridays for 5 months)
In January of 2014, I began my Bachelor of Social Work internship at Trinity Center. My time there changed my life and became the strongest motivator to continue my education in social work. After my internship ended, I came back as a volunteer and relished the familiar smiles of neighbors, volunteers and staff.

Trinity Center is a place of comfort and solace for individuals facing a multitude of barriers. Our neighbors often live with little support and face public disownment, not to mention a lack of stable food, housing and clothing. But week after week, they come with a smile and a sense of ease, knowing they have a friend in Trinity Center. I have been truly inspired by Trinity’s approach and the resilience of the homeless population.

Flores mugRobert Flores (Fridays and Sundays for a year) My first time at Trinity Center was as a volunteer for the Trinity Streets service on Sundays. I did not think that I would volunteer on a regular basis after the initial Sunday, but I immediately saw the joy that Trinity Center brings to our neighbors.

So I filled out the volunteer application the next Monday. What happens at Trinity Center is special: loving thy neighbor transforms from words into action. I keep coming back because of the impact the neighbors have on my life — without them I’d be lost in what distracts us from the Christian journey. The Center breathes as much peace into my life as it does into the lives of our neighbors.