Volunteer Saci inspires us all!

saci mugIt seems like Saci Davis has been part of our Trinity Center volunteer family much longer than just a few months. Since she joined us in February, she has monitored computers and bonded with our neighbors not once but twice a week .

With an ever-present smile, she exudes friendship and compassion. Saci’s story is compelling, so we asked her if she would be comfortable sharing it. “Of course,” she said quickly.

QUESTION: What brought you to Trinity Center?
ANSWER: Treatment brought me to Austin from Corpus Christi. And then the treatment center here dropped me off at the Salvation Army, because I hadn’t been compliant. While I was there, I spent time at Trinity Center, drinking coffee and hanging out with the neighbors.

QUESTION: What was that like? Was it scary being dropped off in the middle of downtown’s homeless population?
ANSWER: The neighbors took me in as one of them and showed me the ropes — what to do and where to go. They told me I didn’t look like I belonged on the street. They were just so kind and protective.

QUESTION: So how did you get from the Salvation Army to volunteering with us?
ANSWER:  I only stayed at the Sally for a week and then went back to treatment — to do what I knew was right.

I just wanted to come to Trinity Center and give back. I’m in such a fortunate place in my life right now, with so many blessings, that I just feel called to come here and do for the neighbors what they did for me. I need them as much as they need me.

QUESTION: You always seem happy to be here, no matter how chaotic it gets. What keeps you coming back to serve the neighbors every week?
ANSWER: I’m inspired by them. Their intelligence, their diversity, their creativity – it’s just awesome. The community as a whole is inspiring. The way they come together as a community, the way they rallied around Shane after the death of Wanda is just inspiring.

QUESTION: Besides inspiration, what impact has this experience had on you?
ANSWER: My ex-husband was an oil and gas entrepreneur. Living that life, driving the right car, having the right clothes — getting caught up in all that — along with that came drugs and alcohol for me. I can come here and find the beauty in not having that in my life. It makes me realize how keeping it simple is where I want to be.