Trinity Center: Ethics & Responsibilities

Please Remember Neighbors are coming from hostile, often scary environments filled with uncertainty. It is important that the volunteers and staff of Trinity Center deliver a secure, respectful, friendly and structured environment that minimizes stress and crisis. Remember to be friendly and polite to neighbors, staff and interns. We are here to provide a welcoming environment for everyone, and you are part of that mission.

DiversityVolunteers and neighbors alike come from vastly different lifestyles, as well as various religious, cultural, sexual preference/gender identity, economic and ethnic backgrounds. All are respected and welcomed.

Boundaries – limits and rules to follow when interacting with neighbors.

Volunteers are encouraged to:

-Take care of yourself physically and emotionally.
-Talk to staff about any concerns you have regarding neighbors or volunteering at Trinity Center.
-Refrain from feeling pressured to help all neighbors at all times.
-Debrief, share and ask for help when feeling overwhelmed.
-Stay within the limits of your education and training.

Volunteers are encouraged to be mindful of confidentiality and sensitivity at all times.

Volunteers are not permitted to:

-Expect or persuade neighbors to adhere to your personal set of beliefs.
-Disclose too much personal information about yourself to neighbors.
-See a neighbor socially outside Trinity Center.
-Exchange money or gifts.
-Give neighbors rides in your vehicle.
-Bring neighbors to your home.
-Buy neighbors individual/personal items. Instead, you may donate items to Trinity Center and the staff will hand them out accordingly.
-Argue or engage with a hostile neighbor. Instead, alert Staff or the Security Guard.
-Take photographs of neighbors without securing permission.
-Post information about neighbors (including names, personal information, photos, etc.) on any social media outlet.

Neighbor Boundary Issues Neighbors must also act appropriately in order to use the services at Trinity Center.

Neighbors are not permitted to:

-Use drugs or alcohol in the center. Please report to staff.
-Use inappropriate language.
-Insult you or call you names, use intimidating or disrespectful language or make threats.
-Ask personal questions.
-Gossip with you about other neighbors.
-Talk inappropriately and/or excessively about sexual subjects.
-Stare at you in ways that make you uncomfortable or use inappropriate touching.

Issues Affecting Neighbors Awareness of the following issues is key to effectively interacting with the neighbors we serve at Trinity Center. Do not try to offer solutions to these problems, but it’s good to be aware. Always consult staff when situations warrant.

-Mental health. Example: Bi-polar, schizophrenia, depression, etc.
-Mental and physical limitations. Example: Hearing, vision, mobility, mental retardation.
-Substance abuse and alcoholism
-Domestic violence and sexual assault
-Multi-generational poverty

Emergency/Crisis Response: Confidentiality can be broken in the event of:

-Threat of suicide.
-Threat of danger to others.
-Any physical threat to a neighbor and/or reports of sexual harassment; child, adult or elder abuse.

Always notify staff in these instances.