Our Devoted Volunteers Speak!

Diane mugBy Diane Holloway
Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

With only four full-time staffers, Trinity Center depends on the devotion of an amazing group of weekly volunteers. Many of them have been here longer than staff and know the neighbors well. We would not be able to open the doors without them, and we wouldn’t be known as the loving, caring place that we are if it weren’t for their dedicated service.

We all have busy lives, and yet our volunteers are willing to put their jobs and lives on hold for one morning each week to help us care for our downtown neighbors — people  experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty. Why do they do it? We asked a few of our angel volunteers, and here are their inspiring responses.

Owen Egerton, (Fridays for nearly 10 years)

owenegertonFor a good chunk of the last decade, I’ve been volunteering because it feeds my soul, crushes my assumptions and opens my eyes to struggles I would otherwise be blind to. There is something miraculously warm about the space. People are kinder to each other, people smile, people rest. It is a community rich with compassion, with heartache, with surprises. For me the people at the Trinity Center — those served and those serving — are family and I feel blessed to be apart of it.


Ivy TsoiIvy Tsoi (Thursdays for more than 3 years)

I started my PhD program a few years ago, and I wanted to have a life outside of campus. I decided to volunteer for a charity, and so I randomly  picked one. Since then I have been coming to Trinity Center. I keep coming back because of the wonderful people here — kind and helpful staff members and volunteers, as well as many of the neighbors, who try to help and support each other.


IMAG0673Ann Burke (Mondays for 6 years). I help with the Woman to Woman program, and for me, it has become a very grounding part of my spiritual walk. These ladies, both the neighbors and the volunteers, have taught me so much about resilience, hope and what it really means to love your neighbor. The reminder that all of us are God’s children, walking through this earthly world together, has opened my eyes and heart in a way that inspires me every time I leave Trinity. It is truly a wonderful ministry and has made a profound impact on me.


Dom1157457_508864729188830_1407296026_n Incollingo (Wednesdays for almost 4 years)

A former priest at St. David’s, Mary Vano, suggested I try serving at Trinity Center because of my concern for social justice. What keeps me coming back?  Our neighbors!  Serving and getting to know the Trinity Center neighbors makes the Gospel come alive. God’s presence is very real in our connections and interactions with our neighbors.