May we be blessed …


It is this time of year again — and it surely arrived fast. Trinity Center is such an intensely fulfilling place to work that the term “time flies” is too slow to describe it. Soon we will celebrate Thanksgiving, count our blessings and offer deep gratitude for the plenty in our lives. Quickly following we will celebrate Christmas and the New Year, a time of both completion and renewal. It is also the time of year when I am asking you to share your plenty and to support Trinity Center with your true generosity.trinity cover

Many of you received our 2013 pledge card in the mail, and those of you who did not can see the cover here, with the smiling faces of some of our neighbors. Inside the card there are quotes from our “Pearls from the Street” web page.  I especially like what our beloved neighbor G said: “Trinity Center saved my life. Now I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing with it.” Exactly.

We save lives, yet we cannot walk the walk of freedom for others. We “saved” G’s life by leading the creation of Safe Sleep for Women and by fully embracing her. Now we are supporting G while she finds the courage to deal with her mental illness, accepts the needed counseling and walks toward health. While G is walking her journey slower than we wish for her, she still considers Trinity Center the safest place in Austin for her. We accept her simply yet deeply, unlike most of her experiences. It is the unique approach of how we relate to and treat people, creating a community, that saves their souls and ours.

Another neighbor expressed it better than I can: “Walking into Trinity Center is like walking into a big hug.”  Yes, we hug in more than one way.

I can count for you, beloveds, the number of meals we served this year, or how many photo ID cards we paid for, or how many neighbors were served in case management. Yet what makes the year fly by and what is so intensely fulfilling about Trinity Center is the tangible experience of really walking the path of compassion in action, following the Gospel that asks of us to love our neighbors. So many times in the last four years I said: “If one visits/works/volunteers at Trinity Center and is not thankful for his/her plenty, that one is spiritually blind.”

Do you get a sense of how deeply in love I am with Trinity? I know that you are sharing this deep love with me.

Still the nitty-gritty of it is that it takes a budget for the four salaries that we cover, the food, the financial assistance, the supplies — these ‘things’ without which we could not offer all these fabulous and much needed  services to the poorest and most vulnerable members of our community.

And so I am asking you to partner with us generously, the best you can afford, and no more. Our budgetary goal for this year’s Fall Campaign is to raise $50,000. Sounds like much? Sounds like little? We can do it! Let’s do it! You are on our website, right now, so please click the DONATE BUTTON  (and mention Fall Campaign in the memo), or send us a check by mail (304 E 7th St., Austin 78701). Special thanks to our volunteers, without whom we simply cannot do all that we do, and to all of you, near and far, who support and partner with us. As you bless, so may you be blessed.

Yours in service,

 Irit Umani,  Executive Director