If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Craft Day!

By Wanda Evans
Trinity Center Volunteer
wanda crafts

When I was asked to take on the craft table, I almost ran for the hills.  I thought, “I’m not Martha Stewart!” After several false starts and a little sputtering around, I realized that the crafts do not have to be complicated.  The crafts we make are simple and are things we can complete in a couple of hours. One of the best crafts we made were the friendship bracelets that we share with each other and other members of the community.  Several ladies kept saying, “I’m doing this wrong.”  To which, we all replied, “At this table, there are no wrong ways to complete a craft.”

craft braceletsAt this table, we can say and do what we want, within reason. We’re not perfect, we don’t have to be perfect, we all have different approaches to meeting out goal. But we do have to be polite and share love and kindness.

To me, the important goal of having a craft table is to have a space where we can meet as equal women, where we can talk and express our feelings. We’ve talked about everything from our families and children, to music that the young people like these days, to politics.  We’ve discussed poetry and items of interest found on the internet.  Last Tuesday, without mentioning a candidate’s name, we talked about the importance of voting and how difficult it is for our homeless brothers and sister to vote when they don’t have an ID.

Then without any rhyme or reason, the conversation changed to the topic of what century we’d like to live in.  One young woman said she’d like to have lived during the prohibition period so she could be a bootlegger!

craft flowersOnce, I heard two women telling another woman that if she got up and came to the Trinity Center on Tuesdays, she’d find a craft that would keep her mind and hands busy. The two women embraced her and told her that if she did this, she might stop taking drugs.

That one little conversation made me realize the importance of glue and glitter.

(Editor’s note: Wanda has been a devoted volunteer at Trinity Center for more than 3 years. Her connections here and through her home church, University United Methodist, have made her a well-known presence among our neighbors. The craft program has been so successful that another volunteer, Melinda Barber, joined us last year.)