From the Desk of the Executive Director: There But For the Grace of God Go I


We are getting very close to the time of year when we are reminded to include thanksgiving in our prayers and meditation. Here at Trinity Center, if one is not in gratitude every day, one has not paid attention for Trinity Center is a place that reminds us every day that “there but for the Grace of God go we”.  The abundance of wealth, health, and faith that we each enjoy, and at times take for granted, is reflected back to us with hardship, poverty, and lack of the most basic needs. Yet, in faith and in love we meet as equals, server and served alike.

I look at the year that is soon ending with a smile. We, as a community, have risen this year to love, to serve, and to remember God. We paid particular attention to the unique needs of homeless women and in a strong city-wide coalition that Trinity Center initiated and lead, we advocated, and lobbied, and mobilized, and worked and worked and worked. With six churches stepping in to serve, this coalition opened an emergency Safe Sleep Shelter for Homeless Women project for September, October and November, and convinced the city to allocate the funds necessary to open an additional 32 beds for single women at the Salvation Army come November 30. Furthermore, we succeeded in adding significant funding to Proposition 17 that, if/when passed, will allocate the needed funds to extend the one existing shelter for homeless women with children and open many more beds for single women once the extension work is done.

Of course, Trinity Center could not, and did not, attempt to do this alone. Rather we brought “the village” of service providers together and, in working together, we made a huge improvement in the services that are now available to so many more women. We made the city a safer place for them.  The most amazing beauty of this story is how and who started it…

Following the violent death of their sister, Valerie Godoy, we were approached by Teresa and Christi who were asking us to help them organize a vigil in Valerie’s memory and join them in their cry for urgent action. “We are dying out here and we need to stop this,” they said. After assisting our sisters in organizing the vigil and participating in it, we called a meeting of service providers, and the creation of better solutions for single homeless women was launched.

With love & grace in our hearts, with deep compassion and with, again and again, thankfulness for our plenty, I am asking you to include Trinity Center in your holiday giving. Please keep all of us in your prayers, in your light, and in your hearts. Our hearts are often broken here by the lives and hardship that the neighbors share with us and you are the community of fellow beloveds with whom it gets mended.

Our fall campaign card will soon arrive at your mail box. Please share your bounty with us to the degree that you can. We were successful beyond our goal in our 2011 fundraising. At this point, October 2012, unless many of you will participate in our fall campaign, we will be in a deficit for 2012. This predicament is unacceptable. Thus I trust and pray, and my faith is strong, that we will surpass our goal because you will participate as members of our “Trinity Center’s Village of God’s Servants in Passion and Compassion” and we will walk this together.

I am, as always, yours in service,

Irit Umani

P.S. – Rather than waiting for the mailed card, you can also make your pledge online by clicking here.