iritWe are very excited about launching this new, and much upgraded, web site for you and for the community at large. It feels like we caught up with the present time of cyber communication. Being on Facebook, blogging, our website connected to other service providers and funders we are now where a good organization is expected to be in this time and age. Special thanks go to Maria Huemmer, Meghann Ziler, Jennifer Stayton, and Diane Holloway for getting us here.

As we are maturing in our communication abilities, so do the neighbors that we serve. Last month the four computers and the printer that are available to the neighbors in the center were replaced by much newer ones. Later this month we will start offering computer lab/classes. These computers, printer and the classes are the generous gift of and we are deeply grateful to them.

While I am in the “list of gratitude”, let me add the Women’s Fund of Austin, The Baxter Trust of Houston, and the Junior League of Austin for awarding us generous grants recently. Our much larger effort, and with it our success, in fundraising enable us to secure a more stable financial situation for Trinity Center. While this is a work in progress, we are grateful to the foundations and the individuals who, with their contributions, keep the wheels turning and the organization growing.

The Barbara Jordan Luncheon, our yearly fundraiser, took place in March 1st at the downtown Hilton. Our guest speaker was Turk Pipkin, a local artist and activist whose documentaries shed light on world’s poverty. Our other gust was our neighbor Darryl whose testimony to the impact of Trinity Center on his move out of homelessness brought tears to many eyes. Again, deep gratitude is due to all who made a financial contribution and helped us to surpass our financial goal for the event. Special gratitude to Robin Shepherd and Meghann Ziler, who coordinated the event with the constant assistance and presence of Martha DeGrasse, Cissy Warner, Dean Corbae, Mary Keenan, and Kelly Talbert.

In March the president of the board of directors changed hands. Louise Pincoffs completed her term and Don Degrasse stepped into the role and took the responsibilities. Louise was a director’s dream of a board president and I am very grateful for the ways she worked with me during my first year as the director of Trinity Center. Also in March, the board approved an additional paid position of volunteers’ coordinator to start in September, following Meghann Ziler’s completion of her year as an AmeriCorps Vista.

As I am writing this, I am aware that in each and every paragraph I am extending words of gratitude. This clearly became the theme of this letter. So I’d like to end with stating that if one is at Trinity Center and does not become deeply grateful for life, for bounty, for wealth and health, and for the opportunity to serve, to love, and to witness grace – one did not pay attention. I believe that with no gratitude there is no joy, and I am yours in gratitude and joy.