From the Heart: Volunteers Speak

imagesBy Diane Holloway
Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

A couple of red-headed dynamos walk into Trinity Center (every Wednesday), and we’re all better for it. From time to time, we like to share our amazing volunteers with everyone. What brought them to our little basement home, where we have the privilege of serving hundreds of people experiencing poverty and homelessness? More importantly, what keeps them coming back?

Kim Cross and Claire Saunders are relative newcomers and regular Wednesday volunteers. And they both pitch in just about any day they are needed and happily take on any task, whether that means kitchen duty, cleaning the center, sorting mail, handing out clothes and hygiene products, whatever.

Mostly and primarily, they come to love and serve our neighbors. That’s why we love them and want to share their inspiration with you.

kimmugKIM CROSS, September 2015

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Trinity Center is hope. Hope for a better world. You don’t have to be in Trinity Center for long, before you feel the sense of love, community, giving & receiving, and I mean by everyone — the caring staff, the dedicated volunteers and our kind neighbors.

The Trinity Center provides many important services to the community including a safe place to gather, share a meal, socialize, use computers and receive mail. It’s a great place to share ideas and smiles. It is clear to all who spend time at Trinity Center that “We are all in this Together!”

It gives me hope that someday, everyone will realize that we have enough resources to take care of all the people. That someday everyone will understand that every person has gifts to offer and that a world of love and sharing, without judgment, is very possible.

So when I’m asked, “Why do you go to the Trinity Center every week?” it’s an easy response: “Because I care about my neighbors, and they care about me!”

clairemugCLAIRE SAUNDERS, October 2014

When people hear that I volunteer at Trinity Center, their reaction is usually to tell me that I’m a good person. While I do consider myself to be a “good person,” trust me when I say that the time I spend with our neighbors each Wednesday morning is completely selfishly motivated.

Our world can be a hard, mean place. Every time I turn on the TV or open the paper, I learn about sad and scary things. Trinity Center is a happy, safe place. Our small staff is amazing. Never have I witnessed such compassion. And our neighbors are respectful and kind to us and to each other. It gives me hope for our world.

Also, many of our neighbors communicate that they feel grateful and blessed, despite their circumstances. This makes me feel beyond grateful and blessed about my circumstances.

Volunteering at Trinity Center has made me a better person. Our neighbors serve as a weekly reminder that we are all children of God, just doing the best we can.