Executive Director Irit Umani: Please help!

30665-christmas-decorationsThe end of the calendar year is fast approaching and, like you, I find there is not a day in which my mailbox does not have  appeals from some non-profits, all good ones and doing good work, that are asking to be included in my holiday/year-end contributions.

The truth is that some I respond to while, others don’t ‘make it’ from the mailbox to my kitchen table. I am quite certain that this is a shared practice. I hope that this letter IS already on your desk or kitchen table, and I pray that when you make your decision about your holiday season/end of the year giving, you will include, dare I say prioritize, Trinity Center in your generous giving.

Trinity Center offers volunteers, staff and the people that we serve — our neighbors — the opportunity to awaken spiritually by practicing the path of love and service. It is a true manifestation of a road that was pointed to us by the spiritual teachers of all traditions and is best summarized in the commandment to “Love thy neighbor.”

While Trinity Center is breaking our hearts daily, we are blessed to be in the presence of beings that serve for the sake of service and create a community of equals in an otherwise world of hierarchy and separation between the powerful and the powerless. By feeding, assisting and mostly by deeply respecting and loving all, we are playing a small part in making this a better world. For this opportunity, we are immensely blessed.

Trinity Center operates thanks to the good hearts and hard work of a small staff and many volunteers and is sustained by contributions from families and individuals and by grants from foundations. We are deeply grateful for all who have contributed to Trinity Center in 2013.

Yet as I am writing this letter to you, our NEED is to raise $45,000 in this year-end campaign, and to date we have not reached even a third of this modest goal. That is the reason for this second appeal, asking you to  include Trinity Center in your holidays’ contributions.  Please send a check today to:

Trinity Center

304 E. 7th Street

Austin TX 78701

We wish you and your family wonderfully warm and peaceful holidays. As you bless, so may you be blessed.

I am yours in service,

Irit Umani

Executive Director.