A look into Mondays at Trinity

Mondays at the Trinity Center can be a little hectic, but it is an important day for many of our neighbors. People begin lining up early before our doors open so they can get a 7 day bus pass which will take them to their medical appointments, their jobs, maybe to class, and everything else they may need to do; we don’t judge. A bus pass can make getting around our sprawling city much easier and sometimes it is the thing that gets you from one appointment to another on time, making them an essential for many. Unfortunately we can only give 80 every Monday.

At the same time volunteers are working out of the kitchen prepping the 90+ meals we give out on Monday. Bagels get cut, coffee is poured, and a blessing is placed on top. Once the bus passes are given out the team switches gears and begins handing out the meals from the church doors. Some Mondays we give them out quicker than others and sometimes we have leftovers that we give out the front doors. On the days we run out we are more than happy to give out food bags with dry and canned goods or a snack bag; whatever their preference.

Neighbors also check their mail, use the phone, as well as meet with their case manager. We usually have left over coffee we give out to those waiting outside for mail or waiting to talk to one of the staff about resources. The coffee goes a lot quicker now that we are hitting the fall temperatures. 

Once breakfast clears the women’s clothing closet opens and our lovely volunteers shop for whatever clothes our female neighbors need. Shirts, pants, shoes, and socks if they need it and we have it we give it to them. It is a tedious job to sift through our inventory and find the right piece of clothing that the women need, which is why we are deeply thankful for those volunteers , but it goes a long way for them.