A Grateful Neighbor Sends Her Love!

Recently we received an amazing correspondence from a woman named Lisa, a member of our beloved community of neighbors for many years. We haven’t seen her in a long time, and when that happens, we always hope and pray that circumstances have changed for the better. We worry when people go away, and when our prayers are answered, we rejoice.

If you have ever supported Trinity Center with your time or treasure, this should remind you that small miracles happen here, thanks to people like you and the ongoing goal of Trinity Center — to love our neighbors.


By Lisa

For all those who help me see that life could have people who really care about me …

I am one of many who have come through your door. So much kindness that I couldn’t keep score.

God uses people as His hands and feet, to ease someone’s burden and find a need to meet.

Though we all have struggles as we walk this life, hearts are breaking with stories untold. Sad to say people have gotten so cold.

A cup of coffee and a heart that cares make life seem a little more fair.

To wander the streets wondering if anyone cares, when all too often all you get is stares.

A little food and some good advice saved my life and eased my strife.

It was God who orchestrated this place, to give a hand to the human race.

Now I’m off the streets, in my own place. I’m living God’s grace. Yet still I was blessed to have seen your face.

In a world of darkness, the light of His love was bright. Because through people like you, I witnessed His might.

I could not see what sin was doing to me. I needed a change, I needed a way. I needed someone to save the day, and I found that Jesus was the way.

“I am the way, the truth and life,” Jesus said. Run to Jesus, and you too will see the way to be truly free.

And a PS from Lisa: Thank you for the Tuesdays “ladies’ only” for showers, food, coffee and a break from having to put on a facade of cold-heartedness in order to survive. Thank you for the counseling sessions and the chapel. I hope to see you all again some day. Love, Lisa