Volunteer Jason: ‘We are one’

1646747080By Diane Holloway
Communications/Volunteer Coordinator


About seven months ago, Jason Palos started volunteering with us — initially in the kitchen, where he prepped and served breakfast for 70-plus people. Then he added financial assistance to his tasks, helping neighbors chart the complex territory of replacing IDs and birth certificates. Now there’s pretty much nothing Jason can’t or won’t do for on Thursdays, the busiest day of our week, including adding another computer to the front desk area.

In real life, Jason has been a realtor for 11 years, currently with JB Goodwin. When he’s not selling houses and helping us keep Thursdays afloat at Trinity Center, he loves to go hiking with his dog River. If you’ve never had the pleasure, meet Jason — and thank him for his service to our beloved downtown neighbors!

Question: What brought you here, and what keeps you coming back?

Answer: I had been wanting to work with the homeless for years … could not imagine what it’s like to live on the streets. I keep coming back for the human or really the spirit connection that we all have with each other. I feel it every time I can make one of our neighbors smile, and they give back the same to me.

.jpgQuestion: Has your concept of homeless people changed since you’ve been working with the neighbors?

Answer: Totally. Before, I didn’t realize the severity and commonness of mental illness that many homeless suffer from. The diversity was surprising, too. We see folks young and old, from all states and other countries as well.

Question: Any life lessons to take away from Trinity Center?

Answer: Be grateful every day, every moment for the good we have in our lives.  It helps to help others, for them and for ourselves. We really are one.