Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Trinity

Something that a lot of us take for granted is our identification. Whether we keep it in our wallet, a safe, or an old shoe box, most of us have ready access to it when we need it. That is not a luxury most of our neighbors have unfortunately. IDs get lost, birth certificates get damaged, or your bag gets stolen and you have to get them all back. It’s another unfortunate barrier to living life on the streets. In many cases having these IDs is integral to accessing resources. You need them to check mail, enter shelters, and apply for benefits as well as housing resources in many cases. Luckily we are able to not only help people apply for or make appointments to get their documents, we also help pay for them.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning a staff member talks to the neighbors outside to see how we can help. We take a list of 10 names and bring them inside the center. We walk them through the paperwork and in the case of a driver’s license or state ID we help pick the most convenient date and location for them. We make sure they know what they need to bring, have a means to get to their appointment, and write them a check for it as well. Sometimes that process can be time consuming but most of the time the neighbors are understanding. We are grateful to both Catherine and Martha who help keep the process going!