Thanksgiving is for thanking and giving!

Dear Friends of Trinity Center,

Once again we are approaching the time of year when we are planning the celebration of holidays with our families and friends.  During this time we acknowledge how thankful we are on Thanksgiving, how faithful on Christmas and how hopeful for the New Year.

Once again I am writing to ask you to join me with a contribution to the Trinity Center for the work it does year-round to serve and support our neighbors who are homeless in downtown Austin.

As we take stock in our accomplishments over the last year, several things stand out to me and deserve mention here.

This year, with the help of our staff and case-management program, we have helped even more neighbors get off the streets and into permanent housing. And we have helped move folks from the streets into shelters.  By the end of September we had provided more than 1,500 neighbors with financial assistance to re-establish ID cards, driver licenses or birth certificates. We have also helped with co-pay for medications as well as city bus passes.  We have paid to send 70 neighbors to other cities and states where they have family and jobs that will end their homeless situation. We have served over 25,000 meals, and welcomed an average of 60 neighbors a week for church on Sundays. About 800 neighbors receive their mail here.

Trinity Center is busy daily with neighbors who count on us for a cup of coffee, a meal and a warm smile. They come to talk with each other and enjoy a quiet, safe place for a few hours.  They can work on the computers provided, pick up a new pair of glasses, read the newspaper,  make a phone call or meet with their case-worker.

This center runs leanly and efficiently with only 4.5 full time staff and an army of volunteers for whom we are forever grateful. Good things happen here every day.

Every time I step into the Trinity Center I have a renewed sense of appreciation for the blessings in my own life.  My family, home, health and financial security are all treasures that I sometimes take for granted.  A contribution to Trinity Center at this time of year is a wonderful celebration of our own blessings and a way to offer our neighbors the gratitude, faith and hope that they so need.

Please join me and my family with a financial gift to the Trinity Center.

Click here to donate online. Or mail checks to: 304 E. 7th St., Austin TX 78701.


Kelly Talbert
Board of Directors President