Social Work Month Shines Spotlight on Profession of Hope

Celebrate Social Work Month 2012

Why Social Work Matters…

The social work profession has been instrumental in achieving civil rights and human rights advances in the United States and across the globe for more than a century. The primary mission of social work is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable.

Social Workers strive to achieve this mission through many different roles in more than 50 fields of practice. There are, however, eight core areas of impact by social workers in the United States. Each of these disciplines is supported by substantial university research, an experienced cadre of professionals, and a coordinated service delivery system.

Programs and services provided by social workers in the following areas are essential elements of the American social safety net:

Social Work is unlike most other helping professions in that its members generally function as specialists and consultants in host settings led by other professions. They are also often private practitioners, educators, community leaders, policymakers or researchers.

The collaborative and consultative nature of their work ensures that social workers make an impact in many different organizations and human service systems. They are employed in workplaces ranging from private and public agencies, hospices and hospitals, schools and clinics–to businesses and corporations, military units, elected offices, think tanks and foundations.

Social Work is an integrative field which seeks to improve social functioning and social conditions for people in emotional, psychological, economic, and/or physical need. The profession’s most recognized expertise is in care coordination, case management, and therapeutic treatment for biopsychosocial issues.

Social Workers fundamentally believe that a nation’s strength depends on the ability of the majority of its citizens to lead productive and healthy lives. What drives these professionals? They help people, who are often navigating major life challenges, find hope and new options for achieving their full potential.

Most importantly, the social work profession has a mandate to identify and address gaps in social systems that impede the full participation of individuals or groups in society. Social workers have an ethical obligation to advocate for social changes that will benefit the most people.

Our nation would be less successful without the contributions of America’s 640,000 social workers


At Trinity Center, we are fortunate to have five social workers who constantly advocate for and assist our neighbors in need. Amber Phillips, Case Management Coordinator, recevied her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin having spent the final semester in Adelaide, Australia.  The time spent abroad enlightened Amber to the joys of travel which lead her to pursue a social work career in London, England.  Amber worked in child protection in London for 5 years before returning to Austin.  Other jobs Amber has held in the past include work in schools, a Veterans hospital, and with people with developmental disabilities.

Annie Bryant, Operations Coordinator, also graduated with a Master’s Social Work from the University of Texas. Prior to attending graduate school full time, Annie started and managed a local Austin coffee shop, Dominican Joe. Before this, she had the opportunity to travel with a team of people to Morocco to start an international school. Annie’s previous social work experience includes working with incarcerated individuals, adolescents in residential facilities, survivors of sexual assault, and low-income school children.

Trinity Center currently has three social work interns – students who are working on either their Master’s or Bachelor’s in Social Work and who are gaining invaluable field experience working with Trinity Center’s neighbors. Heidi Vance, Vania Flores, and Shelby Thompson: thank you for all that you do, and the best of luck in your careers!