Pearls from the Street


Every day we hear words of wisdom, optimism and humor from the neighbors we are privileged to serve. Read and enjoy!

“People who act like they deserve love the least are the ones who need it the most.”

“I want a clear life … not a bubbly life.”

“I’m not alone any more. This is my community.”

“Listening to the music was like sitting on a peaceful, deserted, beautiful beach with gentle, soothing waves rolling in. But it is more than the music. Today everything was so beautiful – the way the food was prepared and presented, the order in the room, the worship. Who would have thought I would find such peace here today?”

“I really believe in smile therapy. You know that saying, fake it ’til you make it? Smile! You’ll fee better.”

“I’m blessed. I have family here now — you all are my brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews, my cousins. We’re family, and that’s a blessing.”

“This must be what heaven is like with all these kind people.”

“Thank you for letting us come into your home.”

“It’s really loud in Austin. Where I come from you can hear the cotton grow.”

“Being homeless has taught me humility. Trinity Center has taught me gratitude. To tell you the truth, I’m more blessed now than I ever have been.”

“Thanks, Trinity, for being here to share God’s message. I hear you, and you do matter to the homeless.” (A Valentine message)

“Looking forward to a cup of that gourmet coffee … What makes it even better is being around the ones I cherish and love so very much.”

“Some days it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other, but with a Christian family like all of you, it makes it easier.”

“I’ve been a failure my whole life in the eyes of people, but in the eyes of the Lord, I’m fully accomplished.”

“This is the only Christmas party I go to. And this is the only place that feels like Christmas — even when it’s not Christmas!”

“There’s a lot of joy here. We don’t see much of that other places.”

“We’re all family here at Trinity Center.”

“I had a long talk with God this morning. You know, he really loves this place. I do, too.”

“I found Jesus here! And I think he likes me!”

“Walking into Trinity Center is like walking into a big hug.”

“Though we need the clothes and food given out, I come because I feel welcomed and loved.”

“For three hours a day I don’t feel homeless.”

“I feel more alive when I leave here!”

“Life is simple. We make it hard.”

“What am I doing? Patiently waiting for what comes next.”

“It’s a good day. I woke up and came here!”

“I’ve been unemployed for a year. Vacations are over-rated.”

“Trinity saved my life. Now I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing with it.

“Breaking bread together helps us to meet and realize that we are not a threat to each other. We would not meet each other on the open streets.”

“When I need somebody to talk to, you are here.”