The end of a calendar year and my first year in the role of the Executive Director of Trinity Center and I am in love with this very unique place. Trinity Center offers volunteers, staff and the people we serve, our neighbors, the opportunity to awaken spiritually by practicing the path of love and service.  Trinity Center is a true manifestation of a road that was pointed to us by the spiritual teachers of all traditions and is best summarized in the commandment to “Love thy neighbor”.  While breaking our hearts open daily, we are blessed to be in the presence of Jesus-like and Buddha-like beings who serve for the sake of service and create a community of equals in an otherwise world of hierarchy that separates the haves from the haves not and the powerful and the powerless. “No one is free until everyone is free” is a quote from Martin Luther King that comes to mind as I am writing this letter on Martin Luther King’s day. The neighbors that we serve who suffer from abject poverty, who are homeless and don’t have access to basic needs that most of us take for granted, are not free. By feeding, assisting, and mostly by respecting and loving all, we are playing a small part, our part, in making this a better world and for this opportunity we are immensely blessed. The mottos that guide me in my work are “love everyone, serve everyone, and remember God”, by one of my spiritual teachers, Neem Karoli Baba, and “Be the change that you want to see in the world”, the famous instruction given to us by Mahatma Ghandi. Granted, we often fall short of these big aspirations, yet our commitment is deep and our attempt is sincere.

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