If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Craft Day!

By Wanda Evans
Trinity Center Volunteer

When I was asked to take on the craft table, I almost ran for the hills.  I thought, “I’m not Martha Stewart!” After several false starts and a little sputtering around, I realized that the crafts do not have to be complicated.  The crafts we make are simple and are things we can complete in a couple of hours. One of the best crafts we made were the friendship bracelets that we share with each other and other members of the community.  Several ladies kept saying, “I’m doing this wrong.”  To which, we all replied, “At this table, there are no wrong ways to complete a craft.”

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Tess, Our New AmeriCorps Member, Is Here!

By Diane Holloway
Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

The long month of August, when we are missing (really missing) our annual AmeriCorps member, has finally ended, and we are blessed with the arrival of Tess Bernhard. A spring graduate of American University in Washington, D.C., Tess is settling in and immersing herself in the chaotic joy of Trinity Center.

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Volunteer Jason: ‘We are one’

By Diane Holloway Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

About seven months ago, Jason Palos started volunteering with us — initially in the kitchen, where he prepped and served breakfast for 70-plus people. Then he added financial assistance to his tasks, helping neighbors chart the complex territory of replacing IDs and birth certificates. Now there’s pretty much nothing Jason can’t or won’t do for on Thursdays, the busiest day of our week, including adding another computer to the front desk area.

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Diane mug

Hey! It’s Director Darryl!

By Diane Holloway

We are privileged to have a board of directors member in our community of neighbors! Darryl Brandenburg has been appointed to the board of the C.D. Doyle Clinic, which serves the health needs of people experiencing poverty and homelessness, Sunday afternoons in the St. David’s Church Gym. If you know Darryl, and just about everyone at Trinity Center does, you know that serving others is just what he does, whether it’s helping us clean at the end of the day or giving up his sack lunch to anyone who seems hungry.

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