A Grateful Neighbor Sends Her Love!

Recently we received an amazing correspondence from a woman named Lisa, a member of our beloved community of neighbors for many years. We haven’t seen her in a long time, and when that happens, we always hope and pray that circumstances have changed for the better. We worry when people go away, and when our prayers are answered, we rejoice.

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A Million Miles a Minute, by Sean Navarro

When you ask one of your best young volunteers to share some thoughts about spending time at Trinity Center, you don’t expect to receive a poetic masterpiece. But Sean Navarro, who anchors our chaotic kitchen on Fridays (breakfast, popcorn for movie day, etc.), is a special kind of guy. Celebrate and give thanks!

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Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

By Diane Holloway
Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

We had a relatively mild spring, but summer is here and local weather prognosticators say it’s going to be another scorcher. If it’s 95 degrees on your tree-lined street, chances are good the downtown streets are 110 or more. Looking out the windows facing 7th Street, sometimes we can see those wavy lines produced when Texas sun meets black asphalt. I’m sure it’s just my imagination, but sometimes I can even hear it sizzle!

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Barbara Jordan Celebration: Behind the Doors

By Diane Holloway
Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

This year’s Barbara Jordan Celebration — our one and only fundraiser — was a smashing success. Not only did we break our fundraising record, but we had more fun than we’ve ever had before! We had excellent food and beverages, a large crowd of completely engaged guests, a super-energetic new auctioneer (Heath Hale of Cowboy Auctioneer) and our very own movie premiere!

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Executive Director’s Barbara Jordan Celebration Address

Gratitude & Generosity
By Irit Umani

The theme that we chose for this year is “Gratitude & Generosity,” and I can immediately start with my own gratitude for your generosity. Many of you, in so many ways, show us generosity. With your time, with your resources, financial and otherwise, with your spiritual and emotional support, with your LOVE.

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