Kelly Talbert

Thanksgiving is for thanking and giving!

Dear Friends of Trinity Center,

Once again we are approaching the time of year when we are planning the celebration of holidays with our families and friends.  During this time we acknowledge how thankful we are on Thanksgiving, how faithful on Christmas and how hopeful for the New Year.

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At Times Like This …

By Irit Umani
Executive Director

At times like this, silence is not golden. Times like the chapter that we are in call for raising our voices. At such time that a group of Neo-Nazis with swastikas shouting “Jews will not replace us” walk in the name of “freedom of speech” and our president assesses that there were “fine people among them,” or that the people who resisted them were equally to be blamed for violence, at such times, we must raise our voices.

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Double-Duty Drew, Thank You!

By Diane Holloway
Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

Drew Sneed, a sophomore majoring in economics and math at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, volunteered with us twice a week during the summer. Usually we prefer not to bring in students, who may drop in once or twice but quickly depart for fun with friends. And who can blame them? But we need people who can commit to us on a regular basis.

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An inspiring, very personal devotional

By Joviale Kambo
Social Work Intern

This is my story
A story of a girl who was kidnapped at the age of 4
This is a story of a girl who left her country and became a refugee at the age of 5
A story of a girl who, when growing up, only spoke French
But now speaks 4 other languages
This is a story of a girl who was thrown in high school as a freshman at the age of 18
But now is on her way to grad school
A story of a girl who is willing to dedicate the rest of her life to helping others
This is a story of a girl who is now a woman
A story of a woman who says NO to the famous sentence “give up”
This is a story of a woman who proudly says to you: follow your dreams
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
Last but not least,
This is a story of a woman who speaks of herself in third person.
This is a story about me!
I thank you all for listening. Have a great day!

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A Grateful Neighbor Sends Her Love!

Recently we received an amazing correspondence from a woman named Lisa, a member of our beloved community of neighbors for many years. We haven’t seen her in a long time, and when that happens, we always hope and pray that circumstances have changed for the better. We worry when people go away, and when our prayers are answered, we rejoice.

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