2017 Barbara Jordan Celebration Is Coming!

Please save the date and mark your calendars for April 25th! Every year, Trinity Center hosts a celebration remembering our generous benefactor BARBARA JORDAN to raise awareness and support for our programs that serve men, women and families experiencing homelessness. Trinity Center gets significant fundraising support from the proceeds of this prestigious event.

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Elf Di

Loving Christmas … and Our Neighbors

By Diane Holloway
Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

No matter how crazy and tense election season has made us, the Christmas season always grabs hold of our hearts at Trinity Center and keeps us smiling. How can we not be happy when 200 of our beloved neighbors come to celebrate with us? On December 11, we filled the St. David’s Church Gym with love, food, music and very silly antlers atop 50 devoted volunteers. For me, this party is the beginning of a season that is happy — no matter what else is going on in this hard, cold world.

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craft bracelets

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Craft Day!

By Wanda Evans
Trinity Center Volunteer

When I was asked to take on the craft table, I almost ran for the hills.  I thought, “I’m not Martha Stewart!” After several false starts and a little sputtering around, I realized that the crafts do not have to be complicated.  The crafts we make are simple and are things we can complete in a couple of hours. One of the best crafts we made were the friendship bracelets that we share with each other and other members of the community.  Several ladies kept saying, “I’m doing this wrong.”  To which, we all replied, “At this table, there are no wrong ways to complete a craft.”

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