Our Executive Director at the General Convention!

By Irit Umani
Executive Director

During the General Convention of the Episcopal Church here in Austin, I was invited to discuss what we do here at Trinity Center. A filmmaker came to the Center to film scenes of our services to downtown “neighbors,” and then I was interviewed by Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija of the Diocese of Los Angeles, who put me very much at ease. I think the result shows beautifully what we strive to do every day in service to our homeless brothers and sisters. Please watch and enjoy.

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More than basketball …

By Jason Palos
Thursday Volunteer

Writing this has been surprisingly daunting … basketball means so much to me. One, it’s a fun game, but more powerfully, and I feel this is true for the neighbors and myself, it reminds us of a different time in our lives.

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Lindsey Sermons

Lindsey bids farewell to our neighbors

By Lindsey Sermons
Operations Coordinator

For anyone who has not yet heard, today is the last day I will spend among you as a member of the Trinity Center staff. Over the next few months, I will travel a bit and spend lots of time with my friends and family in Austin before leaving their presence. At the end of August, I will move to Kuwait to serve as a high school counselor at an international school. I am hugely excited for my next adventure, but that doesn’t make my heart any less heavy at the thought of closing out this chapter in my life.

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2018 Barbara Jordan Celebration Soars!

Message From Board President Martha DeGrasse:

More people attending, more money raised, more fun had! Our 2018 Barbara Jordan was a spectacular celebration of “compassion in action,” as Executive Director Irit Umani’s address described. On April 24, we gathered in St. David’s Bethell Hall to raise money for our mission to serve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Austin’s downtown homeless neighbors. It was a truly spectacular event that will allow us to continue to be a loving community day center where hospitality and love are served to all.

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By Emily Prince

Trinity Center is a unique environment, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve for the past five and a half years a population I love dearly. While my focus was to enhance the well-being and quality of life of those experiencing homelessness, it quickly became apparent that my well-being was beautifully impacted by the day to day interactions with our neighbors, as well as staff and volunteers.

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