Changing the World One Life at a Time: Barbara Jordan Celebration 2012

Written by Barbara Jordan Planning Committee Member, Martha Degrasse.

Trinity Center changes lives, but not always in the way you might expect. It is a unique resource for Austin’s downtown homeless population, and many of the people who come to Trinity Center find the help and encouragement they need to get a job, an apartment, or a fresh start.  “When I first started coming to the Trinity Center, I was only coming because someone said I could get assistance with a variety of things,” a well-dressed young woman told a crowd of about 150 people at Trinity Center’s annual fundraiser.  “After being there several times I began to want to come even more because this place is such a warm, loving and caring place. My children and I were welcomed with open arms each and every time I came I felt right at home…. The people here influenced me to strive for the best as well as motivate me to reach for the top despite my issues.”

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