From my office window, as I am writing this, a stage is being assembled for a SXSW concert. Downtown is a different scene this week. Many of the year-round “regulars” stay away from downtown and businesses close for spring break. They are replaced by flocks of young to old folks carrying guitars, drums, and SXSW badges; some are crossing the street just below my window. Upstairs at St. David’s, church halls of worship become concert halls and there is excitement in the air. There is still much work to be done for those of us who are keeping our regular schedules, only with more people needing services and traffic at a stand-still.

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Changing the World One Life at a Time: Barbara Jordan Celebration 2012

Written by Barbara Jordan Planning Committee Member, Martha Degrasse.

Trinity Center changes lives, but not always in the way you might expect. It is a unique resource for Austin’s downtown homeless population, and many of the people who come to Trinity Center find the help and encouragement they need to get a job, an apartment, or a fresh start.  “When I first started coming to the Trinity Center, I was only coming because someone said I could get assistance with a variety of things,” a well-dressed young woman told a crowd of about 150 people at Trinity Center’s annual fundraiser.  “After being there several times I began to want to come even more because this place is such a warm, loving and caring place. My children and I were welcomed with open arms each and every time I came I felt right at home…. The people here influenced me to strive for the best as well as motivate me to reach for the top despite my issues.”

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