Limited service, abundant gratitude

By Diane Holloway
Communications/Volunteer Coordinator

Need some inspiration? We’ve got it! Even though we all wonder when the coronavirus will go away and leave us alone, when we’ll be able to open our doors and invite people to come inside, we are inspired every day by the people outside. We all feel the isolation and loneliness in our personal lives. Here at Trinity Center, we feel it every time we come through the door and see emptiness where so many wonderful neighbors once congregated.

But while we have been forced to limit our services to boxed breakfasts served outside the St. David’s Gym doors and mail served outside our 7th Street door, we continue to be lifted up by the strong faith and iron will of our neighbors. We are painfully aware that this pandemic is hitting them harder than most of us.

Every morning at 9 when we push open the gym doors, 70 to 80 neighbors wait patiently on the white lines that maintain an appropriate social distance. As we greet them, one by one, they greet us. Gay Guthrey, one of our devoted “breakfast boxing brigade” volunteers, recently shared this story:

“On Monday, one of the neighbors told us he knew each of our names. Then he said, ‘You want me to tell you your names?Angels! You’re all angels!’ I always marvel at the grace of neighbors who bless us. As he walked away, he said, ‘Read Psalm 103.’ ”

And here is the scripture he shared. I bet he could have recited the whole thing. People routinely share prayers, scripture, blessings and heaps of gratitude.

“We’re so glad ya’ll are still here,” one weary lady with a huge suitcase and torn clothes told me. “It’s such a comfort seeing you folks at Trinity.”

It’s certainly a comfort for us to be able to serve, albeit at a distance. We look forward to getting back to our pre-pandemic level of service and  the closeness we once shared.