From the Desk of the Executive Director – September 2011

iritIt is with a humble and grateful heart that I approach the writing of this fall letter. What a deep blessing it has been serving at the helm of Trinity Center! This unique organization brings me, daily, closer to God and teaches me unconditional love and gratefulness for the plenty that I am blessed with. What I appreciate most about Trinity Center is that though having a “history” of eleven years, we remain true to the mission of serving by creating real relationships with neighbors, rather than with clients. That we succeeded in not becoming an institution, but rather remained servers of brothers and sisters in need, is simply beautiful and is very deeply noted and appreciated by the neighbors that we serve.

We operate with a staff of only four, which is possible ONLY due to the many volunteers who are committed to serve with us, and without whom we will not be able to operate and grow as we do. You know who you are, and I bow to you deeply in much gratitude.

Recently we had quite a few changes in staff. Meghann Ziler, our Volunteer Coordinator, completed her one year term as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer and joined our staff as the Volunteer and Communications Coordinator. Melanie Yonke, our Program Manager, moved out of town and we hired Amber Phillips. Amber, a graduate from the UT School of Social Work, comes to us with much experience and is our Case Management Coordinator. Then Laramie Gorbett, our Operations Manager, left to follow her dream to serve in Africa (Uganda) and we hired Annie Bryant as our new, experienced and very able Operations Coordinator. I am excited with the new, inspiring and inspired, group of young professional women who are fully committed and growing into leadership roles.

September is the kick off time of our FALL CAMPAIGN. I ask you to PLEASE PARTICIPATE in it. Trinity Center operates on a small budget and in prudent ways. The Fall Campaign is our safety net for the coming year, and we rely on its success to the tune of nearly 30% of our budget! You can all imagine that these days’ economy is a difficult time to raise funds, with fierce competition at the time of increased need for help. We need, and I ask for, your generosity. Soon the year will end, and prior to it many of you will receive countless requests for donations to good causes. PLEASE choose us. Serving the poorest and the homeless brothers and sisters, our neighbors, takes a village. Please consider being a member of our village, whether as a continuing supporter or a new one, we need you. Each of you counts for all of us to succeed in serving and in “walking the walk of care”. Please click on “donate” and join us. Together we can make this year’s fall campaign our biggest one yet.


I am, yours, in service

Irit Umani

Executive Director