End of year thanks and request …

staff xmasDear Trinity Center friends and helpers,

What a season of light and celebration we have here at Trinity!

This year we had a fabulous Thanksgiving meal for the neighbors, and this last Sunday (Dec. 14th), we celebrated our annual Christmas party with more than 200 neighbors — eating, dancing, enjoying presents and taking pictures with the season’s funny hats.

Thank you to all who volunteered, donated and purchased gifts. As the year is nearing its end, deep gratitude to our volunteers, without whom we simply cannot do what we do. You know who you are, so consider yourselves bowed to in gratitude.

In this season of winter, all faith traditions celebrate light. Christmas, Hanukah, Diwali – to name just three — remind us that even as we sometimes feel dark despair, His light shines on and within us. We are called to tap into this inner space of light, go toward it and draw strength from His light and love for all.

Working at Trinity Center surely enhancesd my personal gratitude for the plenty in my life and for the opportunity to serve and share. I hope that your experience is similar. To the idea of sharing our plenty with those who have much less, I am calling on you to include Trinity Center in your year-end contributions.

Our Fall/Year-End Campaign is thus far falling short — we are only half way to meeting the $40,000 budgeted for this year’s campaign. If you have already responded, please accept a million thanks from us. If you wish you could but can’t, be assured that your other ways of contributing (in time, prayers, care and in-kind) are just as valid to us, and we bow to you in gratitude, too.

If you meant to make a contribution but just needed this reminder, here it is! Tax deductible donations must be posted no later than December 31 to be claimed for 2014. Please consider this year-end request.

May His Light and Love guide your way.

In service and gratitude always,

Irit Umani

Executive Director

“What in fact we are is the reconciliation of yes and no, lived in total acceptance and, the blessed experience of NOT TWO” – Aldous Huxley’s Island.