COVID 19 Vaccines at Trinity Center – The Road to an Open Trinity Center

Jan. 9, 2021,(Christopher Dolan/The Times-Tribune via AP, File)

At first, the coronavirus felt like just a far-flung disease spreading in a part of China few people had heard of before. Many read the news and most likely gave it little more than a fleeting thought and went about their day. Soon the virus spread and was in our country and people began to wonder what this meant. Then there were lockdowns, mask mandates, store closures, and the canceling of concerts and other big events. We were told many things like: “a month of lockdown and everything will be back to normal”, “once the summer and heat hit it will kill the virus”, and many ineffective home remedies and other misinformation. Here we are over a year later and the world is still largely reeling from the effects that the virus has had. Although there has been some return to normalcy the world still looks a lot like it did a year ago, but finally, it seems that there is a little hope to be had; a light at the end of the tunnel.

Along with the dropping daily Covid cases in Austin, we have had a massive vaccine rollout. The coming together of scientists, the Biden administration, local officials, and health care professionals has been amazing and we are getting to a point where the vaccine supplies are exceeding the demand for the vaccine. The Trinity Center has been immensely fortunate to be a site within the community that has been approached by multiple agencies to help get people experiencing homelessness vaccinated. We have already had two successful vaccine clinics operate from the center, as of Wednesday, May 19th, and have at least seven more planned.

Currently, we are partnered with two organizations to administer vaccines to our neighbors: Point of Care Health Services & Austin Public Health. Both have already run a successful clinic to vaccinate people experiencing homelessness in downtown Austin and will be returning. Point of Care will be returning on Thursday, May 27th from 9:30 am to 11:30 am to administer second doses of the Moderna vaccine, as well as administer first doses to those interesting. Austin Public Health will be every Wednesday starting May 26th until at least June 30th from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

Although there is a lot of conversation and education needed to be had around the vaccine we are hopeful that the more opportunities that are presented will encourage more to get the vaccine. The reward of an open Trinity Center and a normal world seems to be a good incentive as well!