Battling Addiction: A Two-Part Training

Please join us for a two-part training on the brain disease of addiction led by John Rouse.

John, a current volunteer at Trinity Center, brings nearly thirty years of experience working in the area of substance abuse to the table for this training. Among being a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Dependancy Counselor, John has worked with drug/alcohol offenders, has served as an intensive supervision probation officer, worked as an in-house probation officer at Stratford House and managed a specialized unit for substance abuse.  He currently facilitates a Felony Aftercare (Continuing Care) group and instructs both DWI Education Courses and DWI Intervention Programs. We are so pleased to have John lead this two-part training; please register and join us!


JULY 23, 2012
2:00 PM                     Introduction
2:10 PM                     DVD   “Pleasure Unwoven” (60 minutes)
3:10 PM                     BREAK
3:15 PM                     Substance Abuse & Substance Dependence
                                     DSM IV R Criteria     (Look at DSM V proposed)
                                     Evaluation Tools
                                     SASSI             CAGE             Other Criteria
                                     NDP                ASI                 Subsets
3:50 PM                     Questions
JULY 30, 2012
2:00 PM                      Intervention
                                      Review Motivational Enhancement Theory
                                      Enabling & Co-Dependency
2:15 PM                      Treatment Modalities (Cognitive-Behavioral, Faith Based, Rational Recovery, SOS, 12 Steps)
2:30 PM                      Twelve Steps  101
2:50 PM                      BREAK
3:00 PM                      Treatment Programs (Local Area)  I/P, O/P, and Criminal Justice
3:10 PM                      Relapse & Abstinence
3:40 PM                      Relapse Prevention  (Terry Gorski)