At Times Like This …

By Irit Umani
Executive Director

At times like this, silence is not golden. Times like the chapter that we are in call for raising our voices. At such time that a group of Neo-Nazis with swastikas shouting “Jews will not replace us” walk in the name of “freedom of speech” and our president assesses that there were “fine people among them,” or that the people who resisted them were equally to be blamed for violence, at such times, we must raise our voices.

When building bridges is so evidently needed, yet we talk about building walls, silence is not golden. At a time when news is called fake and lies are called fact, we cannot afford to be silent. Lest, God forbid, we will be asked one day, “Where were you when …”

Trinity Center is open to, loving and serving ALL people. Especially the people who are harshly judged and little helped when surely they need help. They wish to belong and are hungry for compassion, no less than for food.

Our small chapel at Trinity Center intentionally displays symbols of many faith traditions — because ALL are welcome here, ALL are equal and violence and supremacy of any kind are not tolerated here.

Trinity Center stands for justice and calls upon you to practice peace and compassion in action. We call on you to not be silent. We call on you to spread love.