A Million Miles a Minute, by Sean Navarro

When you ask one of your best young volunteers to share some thoughts about spending time at Trinity Center, you don’t expect to receive a poetic masterpiece. But Sean Navarro, who anchors our chaotic kitchen on Fridays (breakfast, popcorn for movie day, etc.), is a special kind of guy. Celebrate and give thanks!

By Sean Navarro

We’re all moving a million miles a minute, just trying to keep pace.
On this ride there are no pit stops, just power outlets & wifi hotspots
Head down, too afraid to miss a tweet
Startled by contact, just to find Life staring us in the face.
Every Friday I get off, and check my baggage at the door.
I press pause and answer the call.
He says, “We’re all in this together, don’t lose sight.”
“For some, Luck’s beacon runs dim, for others it burns bright.”
So I give what I can, and Life gives two-fold back.
As simple as a lunch, a smile or a pat on the back.
And before I pack up, reconnect and resume play,
I take a deep a breath upon re-entering today’s race.
And remember that we’re all in this together, just fighting for a spot in the poll.
Because, yeah, Life can move a million miles a minute.
So let me take a second to say
I love you all — my neighbors, my brothers. We are part of a whole.