A Truly Blessed Barbara Jordan Celebration!

bj saveBy Irit Umani

It’s a few days since our fundraising event, in which we remembered the late Barbara Jordan and Rev. Pat Hazel, while celebrating Trinity Center with our larger community of friends, volunteers, board members and many of our financial supporters.

I am still basking in the glow of the generosity, love and affirmation that were bestowed upon us. This event brings me to tears of joy and tenderness, while deepening my, our, commitment to being a special place for the most vulnerable men and women in our beloved city. (See our photo album.)

Trinity Center is a place of service in the spirit of compassion. Our approach, our understanding is that we serve Him in all His manifestations, and we are deeply served as well. I felt it during this glorious evening.

Large and wide is my gratitude to Trinity Center Board Members Kelly Talbert, Riki Rashing and Merrell Ann Shearer and our Communications & Volunteer Coordinator Diane Holloway for the long time of hard work that went into making this event such a success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our neighbor and brother Terry Isaac shared his story of moving from being homeless to having a roof over his head and a job, much assisted by our case management program. His sharing was moving and real. We celebrated and awarded our stellar and tireless volunteer Caroline Kibler and her community of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.

We visited with some 170(!) guests — our biggest event yet. We drank some wine, had some food (thanks to St. David’s Episcopal Church’s hospitality crew) and then “auctioned” financial support. Donations from $100 to $12,000 culminated in a revenue equal to 30%(!) of our yearly budget.

Lord, oh dear Lord, you and the people who support us are so hugely generous that all we can do is bow to you, one and all, in gratitude and promise to keep on serving all, loving well and growing with you as a community that cares.

As you bless, so may you be blessed.

Yours in service and love,

Irit Umani
Executive Director, Trinity Center